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craftylilbitch's Journal

Crafty Little Bitch
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Crafty Little Bitch!

Welcome to Crafty Lil Bitch, a community for all you awesome crafters out there to show off your works! We welcome everything from knitting to collaging to sewing to furniture design! Please share some remarks about your craft, process, materials, etc... and be sure to share your thoughts on the works posted!! The more we share, the better we can all become better as crafters!

Please read the following sections before joining or posting:

Posting and Comment Policies ~ Selling Policy ~ LJ-Cut Policy ~ Moderator

Posting and Comment Policies:

We want this community to be a friendly, open environment where everyone can feel free to post their work. This includes helping each other with crafting issues (there are no stupid questions!) and respecting others' opinions. We will not tolerate spamming, insults, fighting, or other behaviours that may alienate other members. This is a community in which we can share our talents, interests, and inspiration... not exchange hurtful words. If you are in violation of this policy your posts/comments may be removed and your membership revoked, at the moderator's discretion.

Selling Policy :

While this community itself is not out to capitalize, we know that some members may wish to sell their crafts. There for members are allowed to sell their items through this community provided they do so through a secure third-party site (such as Etsy or Ebay). This community and its moderator do not want to be responsible for money lost, goods not delivered, or any other problems that may arise when buying online.

If you choose to sell your craft, please put a link in your post to a site where the item may be purchased.

LJ-Cut policy:

When posting multiple pictures, large pictures, detailed instructions, or lengthy questions, please do so under an LJ-cut. You can have one "preview pic" in your post as long as it is smaller than 400x400. For instructions on how to make an LJ-cut, please check here.


If you have questions or issues please contact the community moderator:

ejchristian86 - please use as primary contact for problems and questions.

email: christian.lizzy (at) gmail.com

AIM: gary1013meow

If you are interested in becoming a moderator, please contact me using the info above. :)

Copy-paste one of these codes into your journal, comment, or profile and spread the word!