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Anyone up for a Trade? [Dec. 2nd, 2010|08:50 pm]
Crafty Little Bitch


[Current Mood |busybusy]

Working at the Freak Bazaar has reminded me that I totally need a new banner/sign. ..But the only signs I've ever made were hand-painted/drawn ones on cardboard- so I kinda came up with what I hope will be an inspiring idea: A goods-for-design contest. :) My thought was this: Whomever designs the best banner/sign for me to use while vending, showing, etc. (heck even camping- I can put it across my tent to advertise! ;D) they'll get one custom-made item, created especially for them- in recompense for their hard work.
What do you think?

If you'd like to participate, pop me your designs here, on my own LJ page, via LJ message, or through any of the other venues where AV is, and I'll show them off on AV's Blogger page, on the AV Facebook page, and on my own LJ space as they come. Then, we can all vote on the best submission, and the winner will receive either a piece of jewelry, a polymer clay goody, a pair of horns, a drawing (or any other type of oddity that I make), that's been hand tailored and custom created to fit their personal druthers. :)

Hope you like the idea, and if you have any questions, feel free to let me know. :)